I was in the Virgin Islands with my family when a friend Gage Powell from Irwin Yachts called to say he had a yacht called “Chardonnay” for me to look at. I took a quick flight to South Carolina where she lay in the water and the offer was presented. So began the refit of a 1972 66ft Italian built wooden classic. The Italian world sailor Renso Favaro from Venice pulled in beside me on his yacht “Falconare” during one of his circumnavigations and commented on the fact that he knew the yard where “Chardonnay” was built. After a little investigation we discovered her original christened name: “Antares”. Over a period of 2 years we rebuilt all the mechanical systems, stripped down and rebuilt the rigging and as it was the beginning of hurricane season we decided to sail her south to do some hull work where we could source some good seasoned timbers. The voyage has so far taken me half way around the world.